Summer in Lake Como

Every Summer me and my girlfriend Chiara head out to Lake Como (Lago di Como) In Italy. Her Grandad was an architect and built a house on the lake with easy access to a small rowing boat at the bottom of the house. It’s a place my girlfriend has visited for years with her family who sometimes joins us, and it's now become my favourite place to go away with Chiara and be in our own little world. Taking the boat out and finding small hidden places on the lakeside to have a picnic or jumping off into the water as the sun starts to set, it’s a beautiful place to take pictures. This project is more about my girlfriend and her connection to the Lake than a project about the lake itself. I hope these images resonate with anyone who has a special place they go to escape and feel free. Everything feels like a dream there and I wanted to give this sense with the images.

Will Hartley