Mud Park, Florida.

I have been out in the states recently on another trip for my Spring Break project. This time I headed to the Redneck Mud Park in Punta Gorda, Florida for the Spring Break weekend. I went out with my good friend and photographer Fern Leigh Albert. We hired a truck from the airport driving across country up to the Mud Park. On arrival we had to sign waivers in case anything happened to us. Little did we know how crazy and dangerous the park would turn out to be and how rubbish my hire truck was compared to their 4 wheel drive monster trucks. We left our truck at the campsite and hitched rides with people which turned out to be great fun and a good way to meet people, the site felt like a mad max movie or some kind of dystopian future. Looking forward to sharing images from the trip but in the meantime heres a photo of me and Fern snapped by another photographer at the park.

Will Hartley